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Landlord Fees


Full Management Rent Management Let Only
New Tenancy Set Up (New Tenants) £354 incl. VAT £354 incl. VAT £1194 incl. VAT
Monthly Commission (Percentage of monthly rental payment) 12% incl. VAT 9.96% incl. VAT N/A
Tenancy Renewal £60 incl. VAT £60 incl. VAT £120 Incl. VAT
Property Management - Charged per hour (minimum 1 hour per incident) Included £36 incl. VAT £36 incl. VAT


On termination, all outstanding fees for the remainder of the current tenancy arranged by the Agent must be paid in full along with the full current ‘let-only’ fee, if the tenants remain in the property. This may be taken from a rent payment during the termination period.

A termination fee of £300 incl. VAT is payable at the end of a tenancy, this covers the costs of closing the tenancy (this fee is waived if the property is re-let by De Vere).